Kate McQuillen

Painting and Installation


Kate McQuillen
Born 1979 in Boston, MA. Lives and works in New York.
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Solo Exhibitions
2017—-Meet Me on the Astral Plane, Goldfinch Gallery, Chicago, IL
2015—-2nd Terrain Biennial, “Night House,” curated by Claudine Ise
————Old Flame, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
————Crush, Gush, Spudnik Press, Chicago
2014—-Dead Reckoning, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto
————No Such Agency, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL
2013—-Backscatter, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto
2011—-Conventional Weapons, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
————Shoe Bomber. XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON
2009—-MEGA HERTZ, the Gales Gallery, Toronto, ON
2005—-Kate McQuillen: Letters, Caro d’Offay Gallery, Chicago, IL

Selected Group and Two-Person Exhibitions
2017—-A Sag, Harbored, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
————White Sands, Chicago Athletic Association, Chicago, IL

2016—-The Collection, Rosemont, IL, curated by Anna Cerniglia
————Pegasus & Mermaids, Poetry Foundation, Chicago,
————curated by Fred Sasaki
————Ghost, The Luminary St. Louis, curated by Sage Dawson

2015—-Panopticon, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
————Scaped, A&D Gallery, Chicago, IL, curated by MK Meador
————Nuit blanche à Montréal 2015: Security in Society, Montreal, QC
————Return of the Exquisite Corpse, Printworks Gallery, Chicago, IL

2014—-Stand Out Prints 2014, Highpoint Press, Minneapolis, MN,
————juried by Susan Tallman
————Survoyeurism: Reconsidering Surveillance, The Open Gallery
————at OCAD University, Toronto, curated by Nives Hajdin
————Print Houston, with The Mission Projects, Houston, TX
————Shadowlands, Milwaukee Avenue Arts Fest, Chicago, IL
————Fresh Paint, New Construction 10th Anniversary,
————Galerie Art Mûr, Montréal

2013—-On Watching and Being Seen, Northern Illinois University
————Art Museum, DeKalb, IL
————A Stranger in Your Arms, The Comfort Station, Chicago
————Front & Center, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
————Appetite for Destruction, Lion vs. Gorilla. Fulton St. Collective
————Carbon, Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL
————Out There, The Arcade Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago

2012—-Material Assumptions: Paper as Dialogue. Center for Book
————& Paper Arts, Chicago, IL, curated by Jessica Cochran
————Handmade Prints II: An Exhibition of Artist-Pulled Multiples,
————Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Evanston, IL
———–Configured Spaces, Lillstreet Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

2011—-Lift Off: Earthlings and the Great Beyond, Paul Robeson
————Galleries, Rutgers, Newark, NJ
————Pushing Paper, O’Connor Art Gallery, Dominican University,
————River Forest, IL

2010—-131, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
———–Kate McQuillen & Greg Staats, Open Studio, Toronto, ON
———–Annual Benefit Auction, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
———–Ox-Bow Winter Benefit Auction, SAIC Chicago

2009—-Fresh Paint, New Construction, Art Mûr, Montréal, QC (juried)
———–Plant 90: of Production & Object, Nuit Blanche
———–401 Richmond, Toronto, ON
———–Inquire Within, Loop Gallery, Toronto, ON
———–Invisible Spaces: Kate McQuillen and Melanie Lowe,
———–Median Contemporary, Toronto, ON
———–Resolution, Median Contemporary, Toronto, ON
———–Here or There? List… Gallery, Toronto, ON

Grants & Awards
2016—–Individual Artists Program Grant, City of Chicago DCASE
2015—–Illinois Arts Council Professional Development Grant
2014—–Individual Artists Program Grant, City of Chicago DCASE
2013—–Illinois Arts Council Professional Development Grant
2012—–Community Arts Assistance Program,
————-City of Chicago Cultural Grant
2011—–Illinois Arts Council Professional Development Grant
————-Community Arts Assistance Program,
————-City of Chicago Cultural Grant
2010—-Jean-Claude Reynal Scholarship 2009 Finalist
2009—-ISC Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture
————Award Nominee
2008—-York University Stong Farmhouse Award
————ISC Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture
————Award Nominee
2007—-York University Graduate Scholarship
2005—-Stephen Oberreich Award, Mitchell Place Gallery
2002—-Graduation with Distinction, Massachusetts College of Art

Artist Residencies
2014—-Anchor Graphics, Chicago, IL
————Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL
2013—-The Center Program, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
————Blueberry View, Benton Harbor, MI
2012—-Printmaking Artist in Residence, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago
2011—-Ragdale, Lake Forest, IL
————Elsewhere Collaborative, Greensboro, NC
2010—-Columbia College Center for Book & Paper Arts, Chicago, IL
————Frans Masereel Center, Flemish Center for Graphic Arts,
————Kasterlee, Belgium
————Open Studio Fine Art and Printmaking Center, Toronto, ON
2009—-Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist’s Residency, Saugatuck, MI

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Anchor Graphics, Chicago, IL
TD Bank Group, Toronto
Frans Masereel Center, Flemish Center for Graphic Arts, Kasterlee, Belgium
Columbia College Center for Book & Paper Arts, Chicago, IL
Open Studio Fine Art and Printmaking Center, Toronto, ON

Artist Lectures
2017—-Collaborative Printmaking Across Cultures and Times, College Art Association
————2017 conference, Association of Print Scholars sponsored panel,
————chaired by Jasper van Putten
————Massachusetts College of Art, Continuing Education Lecture Series
2016—-Artist Keynote Speaker, Print Think 2016, Tyler School of Art,
————Temple University
2014—-No Such Agency, Lake Forest College
————Anchor Graphics Winter Residency Lecture
2013—-New Paradigm/Forever War, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto
————Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY
2012—-Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL
2011—-Conventional Weapons: Open Panel Discussion between Kate McQuillen and
————War Child’s Alyson Rowe, Moderated by Rachel Farquharson
————XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON
2010—-Dorkbot: People Doing Strange Things with Electricity. At Interaccess
————Electronic Media Arts Center, Toronto, ON
————Open Studio Fine Art and Printmaking Center, Toronto, ON
————Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
2009—-Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist’s Residency
2006—-Tall Grass Arts Association, Park Forest, IL
2005—-Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

Professional Organizations
Chicago Printers Guild. Served as Director from 2011-2013.
College Art Association, member
Southern Graphics Council International, member
Association of Print Scholars, member

2009—-M.F.A. in Visual Arts, School of Art, Media, Performance, and Design
————York University, Toronto, ON, Canada
————Scholarship recipient

2002—-B.F.A. with Honors in Printmaking, Department of Fine Arts 2D
————Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
————Studio and Academic Honors

Teaching Experience
2015—-Instructor, Columbia College Chicago, IL
————Printmaking I
2015—-Instructor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Continuing Studies
————Paper Sculpture and Design
2014—-Visiting Artist, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL
————Visiting Artist and exhibitor for Installation Art class
2014—-Visiting Artist, Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, ON
————Visiting speaker in Professional Practices in Printmaking
2008—-Instructor, York University, Toronto, ON
————Printmaking: Relief, Printmaking: Intaglio

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